My research and teaching is foundational to building and leading professional networks such as theU.S. Society for Ecological Economicsand theAdirondack Research Consortium, as well as my commitment to social entrepreneurship and advocacy. For example, my previous coaching experience and research in environmental public health lead to co-foundingDeportes para la Vidain 2006, an HIV/AIDS prevention education and youth leadership program in the Dominican Republic, now operated byThe DREAM Projectin partnership with Peace Corps DR.

In 2010, I co-founded the non-profit film companyBright Blue EcoMediawith Victor Guadagno and Amy Siedl. Together we have created sevenaward-winning documentariesrecognized by four Boston Emmy nominations, two wins, and national PBS distribution. More recently I co-founded Purple Frog Productions with Jacob Smith and Kathryn Goldman, and wrote, directed, and produced the feature length film的睡眠中醒来ng Giant, documenting the intersection of the 2016 U.S. presidential race and rising grassroots movements for economic and social justice.

In Vermont, I have served on theGovernor’s Council on Energy and the Environment(2012 - 2016),Vermont Commission on International Trade and State Sovereignty(2015-current),Vermont Climate Change Economy Council(2015-2016),Technical Advisory Committee of the Lake Champlain Basin Program(2007-2012), and theBurlington Electric Commission(2004).